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Cosplay Crimea

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arizona crimea hiking russian cosplay

You can invite a Russian woman from Crimea out of the decades long conflict zone to America but don’t expect her to say “Thank you.”

Here, leading this website, we have a Russian woman dressing up as a Cosplay American Hiker in the Wave feature that is located inside the Vermillion Cliffs of

northern Arizona. No matter if it’s the Vermillion Cliffs or a Russian Cosplay Hiker, it’s all beautiful. Would you agree? I am thinking of this as a very unfortunate

full scale war is unfolding in the eastern Ukraine. This Russian American Cosplayer lady is not freezing herself to death this winter 2015 in Crimea.

She is probably not even thinking about how appreciative and lucky she is to be in America.


The mostly Russian Girls of Crimea and the northern coastline of the Black Sea want peace and their historically stable

 Russian culture. Cosplay is a completely new and original international way of looking at the region and it's current issues!

 You definitely will not see this anything like this any where else! Go Russian Girls Go, lead the way to peace!



 Cosplay Crimea Dancers

Cosplay Crimea Dancers


In ancient times Crimea and the Black Sea coast line was a contested area dominated by the idea of empires and disputes were settled only by war and violence of all types. In the Democratic time of today the democratic process can be used to resolve disputes by voting.


 Cosplay Crimea Anime

Cosplay Crimea Anime

This was a story about anime and cosplay that ran on the BBC in April 2014 that gave me the idea for this web site - a artistic vote for peace

 for all the people of Crimea eastern Ukraine and the Black Sea northern coastline.



In addition and yet not much talked about is that Russia has armed Russians inhabiting the region to defend themselves.
It appears that Putin the Great is doing exactly that!

And guess what? The Russian inhabitants will probably win unless a full invasion is staged by the West. French Napoleon and German Hitler tried invading Russia peoples homelands not that long ago in history. Can the human political mindset ever learn from it's history? Perhaps we shall see.


So in modern democratic terms how can the dispute be handled in Crimea, the Black Sea coastline and in the borderlands of Russia and Ukraine? Vote by province. It seems this is the also the belief of the residents and leaders from the east.  It is factual that the west has been unable to field capable leaders since the "Orange RevolutionS" so to avoid ancient forms of vast ethnic murder how about trying the democratic path in this region?  It seems that the east is leading the way in democracy today? WoW what an idea and a flip over in of human history!


FYI - fror those who do not know history and geography the Russian speaking people have lived and been a majority of these provinces for over 250 years or in some cases perhaps for a thousand or more years.


The Crimean Peninsula has historically been at the boundary between the classical world and the Central Asian steppes. Its southern fringe was colonized by the ancient Greeks, the ancient Romans, the Byzantine Christian Empire, and the Ottoman Turk Empire, while at the same time its interior was occupied by a changing cast of invading steppe nomads, such as the CimmeriansScythiansGothsBulgarsHunsKhazarsKipchaks, and the extremely warlike violent culture of the Mongol Golden Horde. Also Crimea was ruled by City States of Italy for short times, and invaded by the French and English for the notable "Crimean War."


Crimea and adjacent territories were united in the Ottman Turks during the 15th to 18th century before falling to the Russian Empire headed by on of histories most fantastic woman, Catherine the Great and one of her lovers and talented generals Gregory Potemkin in 1783. The European press, especially English loved to propagandize and bash about Catherine the great for passions. This is what is going on with Putin today.  He is perhaps one of Russia’s great leaders of all times if he settles this conflict protecting the areas where there is a Russian speaking majority. He has proven himself to be a strong, even handed and level headed man, he should and must be respected. One artist point of view in any case.

In 1954, the Soviet Crimean Oblast was transferred from Russia to Ukraine. It became the Autonomous Republic of Crimea within newly independent Ukraine in 1991, with Sevastopol having its own administration with in Ukraine but outside as an the Autonomous Republic. Fact. According to Wikipedia anyway.

Sovereignty and control of the peninsula became the subject of the ongoing 2014 Crimean crisis, a territorial dispute between Russia and Ukraine.

Although about 50/50% in terms of central Eurasian and Western ruled, it must be said historically that the civilizations and cultures for the east have been a bit more dominate at least in terms of time and certainly for the past 250 years.


Odessa Cosplay Redhead moment

Odessa Cosplay redhead only seen for a passing moment.


Cosplay Kherson Girls

Cosplay Kherson Girl.


Cosplay Vietnam artist anime

Cosplay Asian Artist Anime of Russian beauty.


I was going to ask this young artistic anime artist to draw all the Crimea girls but it cost $300,000 dong 

or $15.00 USD each so I could only afford a few. The rest we did ourselves in photoshop!



 /Russian Faces in Mirrors

Beautiful Russian Face in Mirror on the train Kiev to Sevastopal Crimea.


blonde girl Crimea

Hazel eyes and hair young lady Crimea at that time.


Crimea Lady Cosplay classic Beauty

Crimea Lady Cosplay classic beauties.


Coastline Black Sea Russians

Coastline Black Sea Russians.


Cosplay Blue Eyes Blond Hair

Cosplay blue eyes blond hair ladies.


 Real Cosplay Crimea Girl

Real Cosplay Crimea girl!


 Crimea Beauties True Friends

Crimea Beauties True Friends.


Fashion Angel Crimea Girls

Fashion Angel Crimea lady.


Russian Black Sea Girls

Russian Black Sea Girls.


Russian Princess Cosplay 

Russian Princess Cosplay Kherson.


 Young Cosplay Russian Beauty

Young teenage Cosplay Russian Beauties Kherson and Kiev. What futures? Hopefully good!


 Cosplay Dragon Lady Crimea

Cosplay fabulous beauty Dragon Lady Kherson.


 Black Sea Girls Modeling

Black Sea coastline girls modeling Fairy.


 Night Cosplay Girl

Night Cosplay Girl


 Russian Doorways into Houses Mystery

Russian doorways into Houses of ancient mystery and grandeur.



 Crimea Pray to God

Crimea, Kiev, Odessa please pray to God for Peace for all your people!


crimea tourist map

Crimea Tourist Map in Russian language.

Tourist Map of Crimea - hope we can all travel there again soon!

Peace for the Russian border states, Crimea and the Black Sea coastline!


I actually lived in southern Ukraine off on for a decade and got a chance to study uo in a detailed way on the history of this wonderful region and it's fascinating peoples.

When I started to work on this web page I was wanting to be more supportive of the view point of the people who I got to know and discuss their viewpoints with them in depth. Over the course of the past few months and especially weeks things have been becoming more ugly there. I am so sorry about that and a great deal of empathy for these ladies and their families.


The BBC and the Japanese anime artist gave me a good entry point for this website and I appreciate that. 


As an artist I want to express gratitude to the incredible women that I had the opportunity to photograph, which you can agree are very beautiful?.  

That is my artistic style.  Beautiful People in Beautiful Places!


My artistic vote is the best of luck in finding peace in their homeland of Crimea, the northern Black Sea coastline and what has been eastern Ukraine only since 1954 less than my current age, through democracy.